Ms. Lea Salonga

Ever since becoming Mom to Hazel, I have had less time to surf random sites and mainly get my information from facebook feeds. Which is a pity as more and more posts on facebook are commercials.

But this weekend I saw from Henry’s facebook that he had just seen Lea Salonga in Concert with the HK Philharmonic orchestra. OMG! I usually find out about these things, but not sure why I had missed it. It was just not advertised at all!

When I found out, both the main concerts in the Cultural Center in TST were over. There was a 1-hour concert in Tsuen Wan on Sunday. Only 50 dollars, limited tickets still available! However, it was labeled as Lea Salonga singing Phillippino and English Songs. Not knowing what to expect, I journeyed into the unfamiliar territory of West Tsuen Wan, made convenient by the west rail line so close to my house. The concert hall in Tsuen Wan Town Center seated approximately 2000 people.

Many philippino fans. I am grateful that she did this concert, not only because it meant I had the opportunity to watch her live, but also because it seems that she didn’t do it solely for the money. At 50 dollars a ticket and 2000 tickets, the revenue would have been 200K but that seems low considering the entire philharmonic needed to be hired.

To my delight, she basically sang most of the songs that I wanted to hear. Reflection and Let it go gave me goosebumps. On my own and I dreamed a dream were a delight. She also sang Miss Saigon and Brave. Yay! The phillippino songs I didn’t understand but nevertheless a delight to listen to her live vocals at the bargain price of $50!


<3 <3 <3. Hope she comes to HK again soon and that I dont miss it the next time!



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