Review: ZEN Body Massage & Foot Massage

Recently, I have been working for extended periods of time in a bad posture and non-ergonomic office seat. The result? A super knotted back/neck that I haven’t had since my pre-maternity days. I was so desperate to get some work done that I went after work in-between off-work time and my dinner appointment. The place is on the slope on wellington street, a mere 2 minute walk from where I work, which made it a very viable off-work/ lunchtime massage place. The price was also very agreeable, and I thought that I would be a potential repeat customer. Photo: Price List<br />
Tel  ~ 2142 1119<br />
Add ~ 6/F Jade Center<br />
98 Wellington Street<br />
Central The environment was not bad. Once I got out of the lift, I was greeted with a pleasant smell and 3-4 people standing at the counter. I was the only booking at 6pm on a Monday evening. Soon, I was escorted into a room near the reception and hence I did not get a chance to view the main area. They bought me a change of clothes which were pleasant and clean, and I was already thinking that the environment was not bad for the price compared to a much dodgier place I had tried in Tsim Sha Tsui a couple days prior. 20141215_185313The massage itself was not an enjoyable experience. A certain thought was looping in my head “Are massages supposed to hurt?”. I have a pretty good pain tolerance, and have enjoyed deep tissue massages in the past with elbows and strong kneeds. I have had painful deep tissue massages in the past, but none that were QUITE this painful… I remember flinching a number of times and telling the masseuse that it hurt, to which he replied that yes, my neck was very knotted. After googling about the experience after the fact, I think I should have voiced out and asked to lower the intensity, but shouldn’t good bodyworkers should be able to sense my body language and adjust appropriately? Additionally, they did not ask if I had a preference for male or female masseuses. As reminded by my husband later, there are certain potential risks with letting a man into a private massage room and I am not sure if I mind. A good parlour should ask for preference/limitations before sending someone in. After the massage as I was paying, I noticed they had a special “opening offer” going on and massage packages were buy 5 get 1 free. This would make each massage only about 220 each but they didn’t make any attempt to sell me this offer (not that I would have likely obliged, but good customer service/sales are supposed to tell clients about deals, right?)   The Verdict: I will probably not return again in a short while for body massage. The price is cheap for the environment and a prime location like central, but it was too painful to be enjoyable. Likelihood of return (Scale of 1-5): 2 Address: ZEN Body Massage & Foot Massage 6/F Jade Center
98 Wellington Street 

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