London is awesome!

During the past week I allocated some time to really tour London. This involves waking up at 8 (a miracle considering that it is SOOO COLDD and that I didn’t have class or any true responsibilities to get me to get out of bed) and making the most of my London Pass, a card that you pay for in advance and could get you into most of the attractions in London for no extra charge.

In total, I visited the following attractions in 3 days:

Day 1 St.Paul’s Cathedral, Westminister Abbey, Tower of London, Tower Bridge Exhibition, City Cruises Thames Cruise, Day 2 Wimbledon grounds tour, Hampton’s court Palace, Day 3 Kensington Palace, Royal Albert Hall guided tour, Household Cavalry Museum, where a very helpful guide called Nick gave me a practically private tour, and the Churchill War Rooms. Finally, I ended with a movie at the Curzon Cinema in Soho.

My pass cost me £66 and that got me into £171 worth of attractions! Being the “si lai” that I am, that is the part that makes me most happy haha but I thoroughly enjoyed all of the attractions! Apart from these fee-paying attractions, I also fit in visits to 2 Xmas markets, the one at Southwark and the one at Hyde Park Corner, to bask in the Xmas Spirit. Hohoho! Wishing everyone a joyeous holiday season!!!!! =D

Personal favourites were:

The Wimbledon tour, for the extreme efforts they take in upkeeping the grass for the yearly tournaments. The grass is sooo green! It would be awesome to come here to watch the proper games one day. Maybe I will submit an application for the ticket ballot next year, hehehe

Hampton’s Court Palace – This is how a castle should be! I loved the architecture and all the stories about the past kings and queens of England fit right into the scenary

Movie: Amour – The first French Language film that I’ve watched in a cinema. It is a poignant story about an elderly, loving couple, both retired music teachers, dealt with the wife’s deteriorating health, strokes and dementia. Winner of the Palme d’Or this year. I figured that I would see this movie because it wasn’t something I could watch in Hong Kong or just download easily, without really understanding what it was about before I went in. The movie wasn’t so sad that it made me cry, but it was very realistic (notice the bold AND italics). It deals with love and death as inevitable parts of life but in a way that encourages you to be strong and embrace both with an equal lack of fear. I’ve realized I quite enjoy these ‘arthouse’ movies…perhaps I will try to be more active in going to film festival selection pieces in Hong Kong when I get back.

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