You Learn Something New Everyday…

…with Google Doodles!

I love how google takes the effort to pay tribute to the society. Some of the doodles are so exquistly made! Which prompts me to click on it. Sometimes I don’t much about the subject of the doodle but after clicking on the banner and reading the wiki, !Viola! my general knowledge has increased once again.

Some of my favorite doodles recently: Roger Hargreaves’ 76th Birthday; Royal Wedding April 29th 2011, Li Bai’s Birthday, Jules Verde’s Birthday…


And the Doodle that inspired me to write this post: Martha Graham! Frankly I had no idea who she was until I saw this impressive doodle and clicked on it: to find that she is the pioneer of modern dance. The doodle does not look so good here, because its a still – unfortunately I could not seem to find the animated version to copy here, but the moves are truly elegant and animated to perfection to pay tribute to a wonderful dancer.


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