Weight Loss – ing

One of the better things that spanned from the Sammi/Andy reunite (apart from my being estactically happy for a whole week) is my exercise habits. It stemmed from me wanting to “release” that estactic energy so I began going to run downstairs while listening to their sweet sweet songs.

So far this running pattern has lasted for a week and I hope it can continue for at least a month or 2. But interestingly, this has also stemmed me desire to diet – I am running not because i am dietting/want to lose weight; but I am dieting/want to lose weight because I don’t want to “waste” the running.

Is that weird? Don’t worry, I have convinced myself that this the absolute truth; so I guess even if I do not make any goals (not that I have set myself any, I didn’t even know how much I weighed before I started..) then at least that i can feel better that the dieting was only to complement the running.

So the days of calorie counting has returned. However, it is not easy because I do love to go eat lunch with my colleagues. How to find low-cal and healthy food choices at different restaurants? For example, today we are going to Yum-Cha to “farewell” to Carrie, a tab manager who is visiting Asia to “train” us on tab services, and to “welcome” Christina, who is back for a while Japan recovers a bit from the catastrophic quake and nuclear leak situations. Hope she gets to stay for a while and not have to go back and make her family worry.

Anyhow, here is an article to remind myself: 飲茶低卡食品:

養師Cherie Cheng則補充,雖然中式點心一般脂肪及鈉含量較高,但只要選擇點心時謹記守則,配搭得宜仍可食得健康均衡。

  1. 應以包點和蒸腸粉類為主食。

  2. 每人應進食約半碟灼菜,以不加醬油為佳。

  3. 進食適量的鹹蒸點。

  4. 別選吃過多的煎炸點心。

  5. 進食湯飯或湯粉麵時,避免飲用湯汁。


   熱量(卡路里) 脂肪總量(克)

  鮮竹卷1件 140 12

  煎腐皮卷1件 130 11

  麻香拌海蜇1碟 230 18

  山竹牛肉1粒 90 6.9

  豉汁蒸魚雲1碟 180 13


   熱量(卡路里) 脂肪總量(克)

  番薯糖水1碗 200 0.5

  鮮蝦腸粉1條 75 1.6

  雞包仔1個 120 3.1

  蒸素粉果1件 46 1.5

Chicken bun bun here I comers!

*update* so much for THAT resolution… I was in charge of ordering the dimsum and ordered too much. Being the responsible person that I am, I finished the leftovers. Good for the environment but bad for my fat… Doh!

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