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Mooncake time again!

Anyone who knows me knows I love mooncake. Traditional mooncakes especially, but in recent years I have been diverging to try “weirder” mooncakes – snowy, custard.. all really good! But this flavor is a bit too much for me… 冰皮迷你馬來咖喱綠荳蓉月餅 原價: $45 門市優惠價: $29.5 Curry in my mooncake? No thanks… O.o



Career training

So the four consequetive days of training has finally come to an end. The past few days of training has really been quite tiring. Waking up at 730 to eat breakfast, then training from 830 to 600. But overall it is a fruitful experience. A good training requires an experienced trainer or facilitator. I think […]



Elements 的名店開得越來越多… 但也代表着一衆比較小的品牌[冇得留低] So sad! Out: Calvinklein, Annasui, Osim Chairspa, Aigner, Victorinox, Lanvin, Lancel (pity I quite like the lancel bags) Luella, Biotherm, Stage( this one I will really miss!), Diesel, Lucky brand jeans … Many more I missed, but these are the ones I remember. In: Burberry, Miumiu, Rolex, Ysl, Carshoe (is this like […]

TOTD – Aug 12, 2012

今天在人來人往的地鐵隧道裡,緩緩慢步,突然,走在我前面的人,打了個大噴嚏,一剎那後,我就FEEL到我的腳有一點溼氣。EWW。 立刻閉氣。 香港真是人多得很.


This blog was never intended to have many visitors as I treat it as more of a personal blog – somewhere to write down the things that interest me at the time – a documentation of my inspirations throughout life. I have never really advertised this blog to my friends, or told them of its existence; […]

Manhattan Restaurant Review

On my recent trip to the States, I spent the last 2 (too short) days in the Big Apple; where I had the chance to experience some city life – -shopped at my fav Micheals and Old Navy and forever 21 (hey, they dont have in HK><), reunited with some dear friends, took a first […]