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Sanlu Baby Milk Formula

“New Zealand’s Fonterra Farmer’s Cooperative, a joint venture partner holding 43 percent stock in Sanlu Group, found out about the contamination and reported to the group’s board August 2—six days before the Olympic Opening Ceremony—and requested more than once that Sanlu immediately recall the contaminated formula, but were denied by local Chinese authorities.” ~ While […]


Work life is fun. But it can get a little boring sometimes. I don’t feel that I have much responsibility yet – perhaps due to the numerous times that I have made mistakes. I hope that each mistake is made just once and I don’t make them again. My boss is so nice… I make […]

Mmmm… don’t u just wanna eat this Moon (cake?) Fat juicy butt cheeks… Mmmm… delicacy!

毛孟靜 vs Kowloon West

It was my first time participating in an election yesterday. Unfornately, a little bit 出師不利, the person I voted for lost out. Is voting 無聊? Do ignorance of people end up electing people that make the government even worse than if it was left laissez-faire? I dissagree. Each candidate has a voice. While I agree that […]