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Body Brokers?

At what point of poverty does money become worth more than your health or even your life? What gives a person the right to sell body parts that are not theirs? Why does this problem seem most prevalent in China? What is it about the Chinese mindset that makes this phenomenon popular in China? Body […]

Unmotivated people

So Kaiming tells me to stop associating with the “losers” that play online games. But I genuinely want to help! And I have also been struggling on motivation for a while. At what point and someone simply just not care? I have been reading parenting forums in my leisurely time. In the developed world, so […]

World of Warcraft

I know this blog is supposed to be on the bigger movements of social change, but due to recent events in WOW life I have begun to think about gaming addictions and internet addictions.First up, let me admit to you that I am an avid WOW gamer. I like to raid, I like to arena, […]

So this is where it all begins…

I have created this blog to write about issues in the world that I passionately care about. I hope you will enjoy the topics I enjoy. Happy reading!