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^^ This is such a screwed up life story, but I like reading about messed up lives. Hehe thanks Georgette for recommending I’m loving it already, perfect lab read-in-between-reactions material. Random thoughts and other pieces… —- boring…— Aie, I’m such a horrible friend, I forgot to congrats all those who graduated this year (I mean […]

Today i bought a huge tub of Edy’s (known as Dreyers in HK) Toffee Crunch Flavor (Yum!) like double the size of the ones in HK for $1.99 Haha so good…. That is why Americans are so fat, the fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive (Apples, $1.99 for 3…) but the fat, cheap, “yummy” food […]

I miss Sammi! >.< Begun using my iPod again, I want new Sammi Songs. Going to Faith Hill/Tim Mcgraw Soul2Soul concert on Monday… excited =) wootz. Last night I dreamt that i forgot to print out the tickets and forgot to bring my camera and ended up being 2 hours late to the concert hence […]