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i dreamt about Mrs. Hartwright 2 nights in a row now. She’s teaching this maths class substituting this teacher who likes to teach in chinese (…) when half the class is caucasian. And both nights I forgot that there was a prelim, and I was freaking out until I wake up and realise no such […]

OMG UPCOMING SOUL2SOUL II PRE-SALES 6/12/06 – Rochester, NY – Blue Cross Arena I’m so going to go see Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw that’s like one of the things I was looking forward to doing during my study in America… I hope I can get ticketzzzz…..O.o Anyone else wanna goo? hehehe ^_^ MY phone […]

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Oyster oyster oyster split split split. These my friend, according to my linguistics 101 professor, are proper, grammatical, meaningful sentences. See if you can deceifer them and tell me what they mean!!! =) >.< As you can see, i’m still studying for my ling prelim tomorrow due […]

i <3 Reese! Yay!