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bah… its that time of year when i’m pissed about sth, but i don’t really know what. OR rather, i do know what but its not really something i get pissed at. OR rather, its something that i’m always pissed at but i just try to repress it all the time but today i cant. […]

so i succumbed to the pressure and opened the ipod. So far i’ve only used it once cuz i can’t find any really really inspiring songs atm that makes me wnat to listen to them 24/7. I originally opened it because of fish leong… but then the battery died and i’m too lazy to get […]

so i bought a green ipod mini on friday… but i haven’t opened it yet, and haven’t felt the urge to. Which probably means i don’t need it. Hence, having owned an ipod, i’m going to return it. anyone want it for $200 before i return it? (Shipping included…)

Solving this jigsaw puzzle and posting about this sweepstakes for Big Red makes me eligible for free Xanga Premium for life…