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finally i have to leave… finally i’m feeling a bit lost, missing hk much. esp miss my “borbor-porpor” grandmother, my mum and dad…vto… hui lau san… gai dan jai… $5HK bubble tea… and good memories. hope this feeling doesn’t last long.

google search is retarded. Or perhaps i just write about weird stuff. apparently if you search “KGV naked” or “Chinese beauty pagent plastic surgery” you will get to my xanga…>.< ¸²¥ÄÂû¶º?

: visited vto in pokfulam and mary in weilun yesterday. also met amy, the cornell CF BEE si jeh! quite cool quite cool. but obviously it reinstated the fact that mews is the loveliest dorm! some pics: day out hiking at dragon back – shek o. night out at aqua…hehe was so dark we couldn’t […]

grr…pissed off at tmobile, and myself. so i changed my plan to the $19.99 one during the xmas hols to i save some money, but now i want to change back to the $39.99 one. Apparently my 600 min unlimited nights and weekends plan was a *promotional* plan, to switch back to it i must extend […]