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everyone has weaknesses. Sometimes you find that those who u look up to might not be that much better than you. Therefore – have FaiTh in yourself.

so weird… a math problem i knew how to do in 2002… i no longer remember how to do…  

wow…its saturday already. Hoildays do fly. my 11 BB hamsters turned into 9 =.= haha well i expected it would do it.. everyone was warning me about it. i think i know which one it was too… must be the two that she was leaving in the corners… and up in the “attic” of the […]

Hi chocosubmariner! It’s been 731 (wow, that’s a big number) days since you joined Xanga… won’t you support us by going Premium Wah happy 2 year anniversary to my xanga… Poor ¶ÀÀLÀL … cancer is horrible… so if sth easy like quitting smoking will lower your chances, you should do it… another loss of a […]

thanks for all the well wishes everyone! Love you all! Only regret is that i couldn’t sleep last night and overslept this morning so i missed my class.. O_O what a horrible start to a new year! Thanks for the hamster! Haven’t named it yet, any suggestions? So far, “bootboot” “batbat”, “ah si” “tiggy” “fei […]

this is so high school, but we’ve concluded that guys are so stupid and rude insensitive. ho ng deem in general.

i miss veetoto…. i’m going to find a way to call you soon. need to get a cheapcheap phone card. yah. anyone interested in going orienteering with me on jan 9 in tai mo shan? entry form i can mail your entry form for you if you can’t be bothered…! i orienteering… if only i […]


finally finished with prelims. HD 115 was good~ studied the study guide and some questions were directly taken from there! The one that i really screwed up was physics, because i left studying to the last minute but i got sick (it was the nail varnish, i tell you) so couldn’t study properly.  been reading over […]

Happy Birthday Mom!  tis my mom’s birthday today   (8th) after this round of prelims i will bake u a cake and eat it for you so i gain all the weight for you. see what a wonderful daughter i am?   hehe