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haven’t written a ‘real’ entry since the 9th… hmmm… i have no prelims next week! Weeee!!! I hate HATE hate prelims… but have 2 the following week…** and also the presentation the week after. But as Hester kindly reminded me, i only have 2 more prelims left… then its the road to the finals! Then […]

grrr… i hate it when my favourite couples break up. It makes it less and less realistic to me that there can ever be a fairytale story… Singles again for Lleyton and KimBy Bronwyn HurrellOctober 23, 2004 LLEYTON Hewitt was nursing a broken heart last night after Kim Clijsters dumped him over the telephone. Happier […]

Ho ng deem… why does everything in the world have to be about balls?     Ball girl models cause outcry The Government official insists that the arrival of the models, wearing short skirts and skin-tight black tops, is sexist and unsporting and has sent a protest letter to the tournament director. The models received […]

Finally Fall Break! *and hence i have put up my new layout… comments anyone?* Watched Exorcist last night, wasn’t as scary as i thought it would be; perhaps its not my type of scary? My type of scary is gothika…like the *boom* scary. Or, the “day after tomorrow” scary… as in a realistic type situation […]

too lazy to create my own xanga layout… might do one during fall break… greatest picture ever. don’t you think its fate that these people, whose only asset in common is “has a superfan call Kay” can be seen in 1 photograph together? anyone want to take me to see the tim mcgraw concert in […]

Finally finished the most hectic week of the semester. 4 prelims, 4 hws, 1 quiz, 1 lab and 1 lab report! But mustn’t relax too much too long … need to start on physics for next week…and attacking those weekly problem sets that never seem to end.. Quote of the Day: *girl behind me walking […]