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edit 12:26 pm WAH! Miracles DO EXIST! my computer miraculously healed itself! I had this faint hope just now that when i turned it on i would see ian thrope and i did! Instead of the ugly blue screen that says ‘your hd cannot be found’. Thank you Thank you Thank you! *muah* love you, […]

Subscribed to Time magazine… (gonna cancel before Nov 28th so i don’t have to pay…) , and this is the article about movies in the current issue:Caught in Double-Cross Fire The good cop – bad cop scenario is given a dizzying, dazzling twist in Hong Kong’s Infernal Affairs Monday, Sep. 20, 2004An undercover cop worms […]

·s­»¿¼­Ñ¼Ö³¡ i love ben and bob… seriously all those people under relationship trouble / doubts/ queries etc listen to them for a week… you’ll feel. hmm… da woman on sunday’s show… part 2… starting 23:00… bought up a good point… really everyone in the end loves themselves best; can’t blame men if they treat you […]

My demanding bed After already buying a skirt for my bed, it was still greatly dissatisfied and complained to me that its friend, my comforter, was white and naked and bare, so the bed begged me to buy some clothes for it.  *sigh, beds nowadays, they just want so much don’t they? Never satisfied with […]

Wild camp was fun… thank you for everything everyone! Hurray for wireless internet! Although the router cost us $60US… but its worth it. Now i can go online while i’m crapping in the toilet. (just joking…) Napster Rocks! hehe yupyup i might not say that next year when they add the fees to our student […]