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n’tSchool has started for 3 days and so far i have been able to make it to all my classes! ISn’t that amazing??? Today was horrible… it was pouring cats and dogs and my umbrella got stolen @ Kimball B11 and i was late for class and it was pouring… luckily Kim + Christina gave […]

Wah… summer passes by so quickly… >.< I don’t want to go back… because i know when i go back i’ll need to study very hard… 1 for me, 2 for parents, 3 for vtos dinner! this last week in HK i’ve been going out quite alot… so quite broke… >.< nevertheless didn’t stop me […]

Watched Collateral Yesterday and Quill today… Wah… cried my nose off in Quill… started crying in the middle of the movie? Whats up with that? Ah well they were both quite good… Morning movies are so cheap… if i went to Broadway cinema with my mom and grandma it would cost a total of $60. […]