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aieya… already said buy czech republic gar ma… the odds were 3:5! but my dad decided to buy germany…only 1.75 odds…(even tho i am a germany fan) plus they lost…>.< sigh there goes 100 bucks… gambling is no good… *edit:* in response to kris’s comment: no because france is in the way! what flavor pocky are […]

oh man! The 9:30 show ¹j¥@°l¥û (To get unstuck in time) is soooooo good! haha. Haven’t felt like this since Year 8 when i was crazy about *Gam Jing Sut Look*. I remember i was thinking about the show thru CDT with Mr. Locke? and i couldn’t concentrate because all i could think about was […]

me couldn’t really sleep so woke up to watch the footy… CRO 2-4 ENG England 4:2 Croatia haha well that’s my kind of match. Lots of goals and the correct outcome… hehe Wayne Rooney is awesome! good luck against Portugal yo… 4:40am…gtg get some sleep

do your decisions in dreams reflect what you would do in the same situation in real life? ~confused.~

I just ate the most extravagant dinner i had in my whole life… goodness…it was $1600 – per person! Tong Lok Hin Restaurant. Of course, there was some sort of discount, but still it was super super expensive, and it wasn’t even yummy. The shark fin was too filling, too big a portion. The veggies […]

Tomorrow will be my 6772nd tomorrow. If I live to be 93, like Ronald Reagan, I will have 27173 more. A happy belated bday to kenneth … i always forget people’s bdays, so horrible!