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Awwwww….>.< Ho cham ar… poor crabs…brief translation – in Taiwan, people picked up all theshells on the beachs to collect and now the crabs don’t have a home to live! They are living out of empty bottlecaps left as rubbish from the locals. ~ This includes caps of bleach bottles! If they continue living like […]

Hehe had the most fun chalking with the HKSA on friday night… hehe loads of fun…reminds me of the days when i saw sidewalk drawings in toronto but never got round to actually do some drawing.. 5 pictures of the one at RP… ~so much fun! Thanks guys…hehe —————————————————————————- ~Stole this from sb… 1: Grab […]

=) hehe happy cuz i got that campus food science job. If i stick to my schedule for next semester, i will have tuesday – friday afternoons free to work/do hw etc which should be awesome! Hehe sorry daddy for changing your song so soon after putting it up… but the last background was too grey […]

waking up for CourseEnroll and staying up for too many papers screwed my biological clock over. had to take a nap this afternoon, which is never a good thing~ means i’ll be wide-eyed at 2 tonight. >.<… sigh. must fix this. HappyBirthday Wanchai! miss you much much much much much.

Ups of the day:  Finally got a “+” for my English paper! FYI, my teacher grades on a scale of “+”, “check +” and “check”… apparently its to allow us to improve without the pressure of a letter grade wor… whatever O_O . but yay! + hehe… *couldn’t believe my eyes! so surprised i hate […]

Haha did anyone watch the premier of the show “The Swan”?  erm… its really weird. Its like these fat averge looking women going thru liposuction and plastic surgery to get into beauty pagent. The newest reality show. What else haven’t they done? I think its too weird! And overly emphasise beauty. But then and again, […]

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the new layout! Hehe i fixed that bug on the comment page…forgot to change some code, hopefully the text can be seen now. Real random this morning, woke up and thought: I need to revamp, and so i did! Took me a relatively short time this time round […]