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I can’t sleep because i’ve been sleeping too much…in bed… not fun The weather changed abruptly and changed from warm spring weather to cold winter weather once again. SNOW… sigh… spring break seems more like winter break. Got sick on tuesday, puked (literally) after having to eat 8 ‘milk and cheese dish’ variations for my nutrition […]

Happy Bday Eva

Entrepreneurship midterm was soooo easy. So easy that if you don’t get 100% you are considered dumb. But i definately didn’t get 100%. >.< i hate it…. because i studied that particular question which i know i got wrong. I re-read it 5 minutes before the midterm, as well as the previous night and the […]

  they put me on hold for 19 mins…so phone bill is like $2US… but i got my refund! refund of $21.60 hehe. i had to half beg them and half scold them haha. So happy… moral of story is that you have to persist teehee… learning from my dad —————————————————————— Norton has the worst customer […]

 >.<out of stupidity i lost myself $7 lor… haha there was an Oscar Guessing Game in the lounge and if you got the most right you get $7 lor… i was tied with this one guy until the very last category which… i dunno why i was so stupid i didn’t put LOTR lor… (perhaps […]