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LEAP YEAR! hehe that also means OLYMPIC YEAR! heh. Tonight is Oscar night. On a leap year! How wonderful. SOOOOO Xcited. even tho not particularly into any of the movies this year. first time i will get to watch oscar night at night. *ahhhhhh~ i need to practise mahjong cuz i suck horribly. Good thing […]

Today snowboarding was painful. Ithaca is getting warm now… high is like 3 degrees… can actually walk out in a sweatshirt and not feel cold. But that means that there is no new snow and Greek Peak resort, where i learn snowboarding, is basically a trail of ice…. bumpbumpbump on my head… crash crash crash […]

procrastinating tho i really can’t afford it. Will stop after this blog. Didn’t get externship post in Spring Break – betcha its cuz i’m not a citizen… So much to do… the nutrition quiz was gay…asked all these stupid questions – don’t really care if Quinoa came from South America…>.< oh well… i will be […]

Eunice reckons i should update First of all…thank you Karen, Em, Kris, Dom, Kenneth, Matthew, Kav, Henry, Herbert, Steph and Kenneth and everyone else for all your messages! Feel much better now after my daily dose of ½Ä¤W¶³¾] medicine. hehe. The medicine is very expensive tho because cornell charges $2 per gb used… and while […]

i’m SoOOooOOoOO homesick its not even funny. If only i stayed in HK. If only i could go home for Spring Break. If only i could watch TVB series. If only my mom and dad and grandmother were beside me. I’ve got to stop listening to Canto-pop it makes me cry so hard. P.S. thank […]

so…wassup with me? Doing alot more studying compared to last semester. Continuing with my C.Lai ness… ie buying books from the cornell store, reading the required readings…while ordering the same books from amazon and then returning the books. *hey… i saved 20 bucks* encouraging Henry and Cindy not to buy books from people who are […]