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why is it so impossible to find a job if you don’t have federal work study? this sux. I need a job to fill up my time so i don’t waste it playing canasta on yahoo games or sth bizarre like that. i need *more* to do to ensure good studying. i’m good now, doing […]

Four-time Australian Open champion Andre Agassi is out of Australian Open 2004 after the American was defeated by unseeded Russian Marat Safin in a classic five-set semi-final. Match Statistics Draws   Marat Safin RUS    78 78 5 1 6   Andre Agassi USA (4)     66 66 7 6 3 ok well that was so not a classic […]

*what do i want? i haven’t figured that out yet, but posting to show appreciation for the lovely snowflakes i saw today… actually bobo pointed them out to me hehe. they were a beautiful hexagonal shape that actually had holes in the middle that were visible! exactly like those paper snowflakes we make in primary […]

i dunno what is wrong with me, i’m having a people phobia phase at the moment. Perhaps its PMS… dunno… School starts tomorrow and its freezing cold. I promise i will try to make it to all my classes.

teehee veeto now there is a pic with you don’t be mad anymore! teehee ty for coming to pui me! miss you! u forever!

Finally finished reading the 2 weeks past edition of the xanga newspaper, which i missed due to my internet deprivation. Yes, after reading about all those countdowns, reunions, resolutions and reminisions, i need to write sth too. 2003 has definately been a memoriable year… so many emotions jam-packed into 365 days. Year of transition, year […]