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Merry Xmas all! Had fun baking cookies today, thank you carolyn! ¨k¤H¦b°ª³t¤½­ñ¥ð®§¯¸°±¨®¤W¬~¤â¶¡¡C ²Ä¤@¶¡¦³¤H¡A©ó¬O¥L¶i¤F²Ä¤G¶¡¡C¤@§¤¤W°¨±í¡A´NÅ¥¨ì¹j¾Àªº¤H»¡¡G¡u¶Ù¡A«ç¼Ë¡A¤@¤ÁÁÙ¦n§a¡H¡v ¨k¤Hı±o¤W´Z©Ò®É©M¤H½Í¸Ü©Ç©Çªº¡A¤£¹L¬°¤F¤£¥¢Â§¡AÁÙ¬O¦^µª¤F¡G¡uÁÙ¹L±o¥h°Õ¡I¡v µM«á¹j¾Àªº¤H¤S»¡¡G¡u§A¦b¦£¤°»ò¡H¡v ¨k¤Hı±o¦³ÂI©_©Ç¡A¤£¹LÁÙ¬Oµª¹D¡G¡u§Ú­n¥h¥x¤¤¥X®t¡C¡v ³o®ÉÅ¥¨ì¹j¾Àªº¤H»¡¡G             §Úµ¥¤@¤U¦A¥´µ¹§A¡C§Ú®ÇÃ䦳­Ó¯«¸g¯f¡A¨C¦¸§Ú©M§A»¡¸Ü¡A¥L³£·mµÛ¦^µª¡C

Hong Kong is such a lovely place. you really need the constrast to appreciate it. Ithaca…   Hk changes so fast, i’ve just been gone for 4 months, and already there are 5 new buildings visible outside my window – one new school…>.< and all the shops in jordan have changed! I guess the only […]

no more finals! plus I did well in my econ final! now there is nothing between me and home… except the long flight. celebrated Henry + Billy’s bday, and watched LOTR. As usual, really beautiful scenes and fight effects, but the movie was too long… plus i’m not a fan… and the seats weren’t comfy… […]

HappyBday to my  POM! and of course Prudence (if you read this) …love you both! 2 more finals…1 more suitcase to pack…60 more hours… thinking question from a cornell discussion – in response to dicky’s ugly guy or pretty girl question: Would you rather eat chocolate flavoured shit or shit flavoured chocolate? What do you […]

just wanted to say Happy Bday to DOM. 18 now man!  tho you probably won’t read this until way late…and i want to say that my xanga site looks horrible in netscape. so for those of you using netscape… my xanga actually looks better than that…>.< still studying hard…but finish line is in sight…4 more […]

today is a happy day. *Randomly got $5 US *turn up fee* for the econ experiment because it was full…>.< i think if i got in i would get $60USD lor, because i am sooo good at econ and the average pay is $30USD..… but haha at least i got my 2 hours back and […]

i am so frustrated at how the whole world is a war. Why can’t everyone just shut up. my roomate is upset at my hallmate. There can never be world peace because everyone’s definition of justice and hatred is different. *pray that there will be love in the world.* to take myself out of the […]

random thoughts post there goes my fall semester freshman year. finished all my classes. I am NOT going to allow myself to fail chem (final on 12th); and even thou i’m SOOO tempted to waste credit and take orgo 257 instead, i will not. >< STICK to chem 358. must do must do. got my […]

HappYBdaY CarolYnN! Happy Sweet 18 Girl! *Hugz* —————————- *teehee…scanned this off ma english paper! finally i get an A! From C- (what i got from the last piece) to an A… I rule!  *sigh…i don’t think i can get an A for the final grade…but 1 A is betta than none! *I like my new layout. […]

wah…had such a gr8, wonderful thanksgiving break…in toronto…thank you bak fu and bak leung for hosting me…! and of course johnny and oscar and ines and cat! Of course i can’t miss out bigdave and roga and elaine and my twin gu jeh and gu cheng! So many presents that i couldn’t bring them back properly… […]