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thank you for those who sent me well wishes in one way or another! feel so loved. miss ya all and thank you! some memoriable presents – esp the choi sum! hehe so yumyum! hehe seriously one of the weirdest but best presents i have got! loved everything else too, ty all! also watched matrix […]

HaPPy BirThDaY to my twin TonY!   Teehee and thanks for the well wishes and presents guys! J  lol officially 18. One of the first things i did as an adult was go into the mens room.

fried orgo. mistook KOC(CH3)3 + DmSO for meta-chloroperoxybenzoic acide (mCPBA). I hAtE Organic synthesis. If you don’t know what i’m talking about, tis fine cuz i don’t either. what happened to the time when the hardest bit of chemistry was distinguishing between a compound and an element? —————- the guy sitting in front of me […]

loadz of works 2 do. >.< but not wanting to do it. Happy Birthday Mary!

*EDIT* – random thought – i really miss TVB series. really wanna watch ½Ä¤W¶³¾]. >.< Went to see Gothika last night (Free Advanced Screening @ Uris Aud…, coming out in US on Nov 21). Freaked me out. Man…if i gave The Ring (english) a scary rating of 2, this one would be about 4 (out […]

wah…so cold today. -7C. 18F. Its ok, still surviving, if i wasn’t out there in the observatory for over 1 hour looking at the lunar eclipse. Thanks to edward, also identified many constellations! I wore enuf clothes; but only wearing trainers – so my toes were completely numb! no feeling at all! luckily after an hour […]

Tis my mama’s bday today. , HK time (Nov 8) *Happy Bday mamee! HappY bDaY Mom!  you! went to a party tonight in ctown… velly *interesting*… so cold tho in the streets… feel like a beggar because i have no nice clothes… borrowed stuff from christina and feifei. Saw many people there ! luckily christina […]

~what was found in a fortune cookie~ confucious says : lovers are not in triangle, but square.

did i tell everyone that i cooked pumpkin seeds with stolen pumpkin seeds, stolen margerine, stolen foil paper and stolen salt? As Kelvin says, its “chak zhong” but nevertheless really good! only made half of ma pumpkin seeds, due to limited space because of the lack of stolen foil paper. So I put the rest […]