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soooo…tis halloween! Happie Halloween! CaRved pumpkins wif my ly hallmates… Me and Faith… love that name… such a pretty name! So big nick (two nicks on ma floor, he’s bigger) decided to carve a *beep* on his pumpkin… feifei!   all the products. our finished product (christina and me! )

North America people this is a interesting site: or canada : ~find the coolest profs on campus and take their classes!

seriously am hooked on that phone now. nokia 3200! I think i’m getting a bit pre-fluy. ate some of christina’s Vit-C pills… and weaing my woolen jacket to sleep… hopefully that would help. i can’t get sick! christina is crazy. She eats at least 10 pills a night. Supplement pills. ‘calcium, vit c, vit d…etc’ […]

Random thoughts post. <edit>I want this phone… not out in USA… (but out in HK…) some1 send me the phone! haha. er…! Ty everyone for the lovely comments on the last post! I will promise to take more pictures of the gorgeous gorges (haha say that really fast…impossible!) before all the leaves fall off. Leaf […]

My inner child is sixteen years old! Life’s not fair! It’s never been fair, but whileadults might just accept that, I knowsomething’s gotta change. And it’s gonnachange, just as soon as I become an adult andget some power of my own. How Old is Your Inner Child?brought to you by Quizilla

and so my roomate found my bag of preserved fish that i bought from the aji ichiban in chinatown… and she was like “it smells like fish in here”…”eWWWWWW…that’s soo disgusting!” then she grabs it and rushes into the hall and roams around… showing everyone that was what i was eating. Nick was like “that smells […]

finally finished reading xangas… but not going to prop people cuz i will take too long… still need to catch up with hw… will prop on a new entry! so. back from the big city of NY. Big apple. I really did have a lot of fun, even tho that YMCA was extremely shitty and […]

ER is SOoOoOoOoOoO GoOoOoOD love love love ER but i think the bit with Corday and that new doctor in the car is just inappropiate. Sick…makes her look so slutty. Man…in my heart it will always be GreenE and CoRdaY. ~Finally finished my first round of prelims!~ NYC here i come!

Procrastinating as usual. *The world is small. Called Tiff today… or technically, she called me . Glad to know she’s doing fine over in Umich *miss ya loads. It seems like the American Education System is not so popular amongst us KGVers. Prelim after Prelim. >.< *sigh. still have a prelim on thursday. *i hate econ!!! […]