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Edit: supposed to be studying for prelim but instead i’m having trouble choosing a song for xanga. Hmm. The 3 doors down *Here without you* i really like, but a bit depressing? Twins…  i guess the song name is the appeal: ­»´ä¯Ã¬ù Blehblehbleh. Brr…its going to be 1degree C on wednesday? How is that possible…i will […]

*3 very stressful days over* *1 day rest* *then 3 very stressful days coming up again.* ~ that’s college. today i went to play tennis. just some minor observations. kay. to those who have been having trouble typing in my comment box…is it fixed now? I can’t tell cuz there wasn’t a problem on my […]

hatEee my econ class. Its so annoying they make you draw supply and demand curves on excel, with LINES. so i spend 1 hour drawing a graph with the stupid laptop touchpad, making certain lines bold and dashed and test boxes to label the lines. Its sth you can do in 2 mins on paper, […]

I officially HATE popups! i’m sitting here with only 2 programs running – the econ course website and my excel file… and up comes 6, yes 6! popups! – *enlarge your penis now*… *viagra*… *you have won a prize!* *Rent too expensive?*… and there was one with a girl on a bikini on it… and […]

edward from the HKSA just told me that my econ prof is a tough marker. She told us that the papers are not graded on a curve, but now i think that is probably a bad thing. Apparently the median is a C+. Damn i don’t need a 2.3 on my transcript. In fact i […]

bio is killing me. So much work. I think i left my beloved pencil case in the bio lab today too. *Sigh.* luckily only half my pens are there, but still, the case is new… . present from my cousin and cousin-in-law. I really hopw i find it. but then the cool thing about bio […]

haha today dinner – midnight was so funny. I didn’t get any work done so I’m so dead. but i really did have a ton of fun laughing. (look at my hobbies… laughing is one of them!) Haven’t laughed so hard since… hmm. Maybe a year ago? I was literally banging my head on the floor […]

so weird to see so many people leaving HK when i’m already no longer there… good luck all with uni in the UK lar. Uni is fun! Enjoy it the most you can! don’t forget me!   cya all xmas…(pls go back ppl!)  I bought tickets to HK Dec 18… leaving on 23rd Jan… a […]

been updating xanga too frequently. haha oh well. happy ¤¤¬î¸` Happy Mid Autumn Festival! so after classes today i went to do the weekly bio unit test.. sigh.. seems a lot harder than last unit… luckily i did ok lar. If the difficulty of the units increase at this rate… i will die. . still […]

to my dearest friend vto: Happy Bday! sorry the card is late. first bday where i’m not with a in 10 years.  hope you are having a load of fun! stop sleeping at 4! *tho i don’t do much better but you do need to be healthy to be a good doc! the song and the […]