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hehe been updating too infrequently. this is quite bad since i was the retard that wrote ‘update xanga hehe’ on the stupid KGV grad book. so what am i doing on a sunday night? quite sad really,…studying….hehe. while watching the us open at the same time. Agassi so hot as always.! my friend Feilu from […]

heyo all! in cornell right now! its so nice here. the scenery is amazing! the gorge is amazing but really scary if you are scared of heights! Walked around campus today with this girl i met… really amazing scenery! the people here are really nice too. My roomate is from indiana. Catholic, really nice…really friendly. […]

at the airport…saw abhi…. I’m in PCC right now… typing my last entry in HK la… tried out the wireless connection using the laptop but it doesn’t work…haha. for those who are wondering, I am flying. In less than two hours i’ll be on the plane… to toronto la… *sigh. I’m scared. Scared of adaptaTion, […]

wow last entry aug 6th…must be the longest time i’ve gone without xanga! Hmm… today is the 18th. Happy birthday kavit! and belated birthdays to joyce and em. thank you all for being great friends! Hmm…i’m leaving in 3 days, not too emotional yet since perhaps i’m over that phase. I dunno, its weird. I […]

the road to a friend’s house is never long. i cried last night. The instant i turned from the mtr station, just as i knew noone else was looking. i didn’t care that the venders selling “fan ban” VCDs were staring at me. I am emotional, and i like to show it. But. Life goes […]

haven’t been online for 2 days…around 70 hours. Ahaha what a record. i don’t think i have done that since the last time i went abroad on holiday. hmm. what have i been up to? Friday i went to go very tiring community service, taking care of mentally disabled kids. Didn’t help that i had […]