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hmm. had this rather interesting conversation today, in a public bench in the middle of a mall. Although the mission failed, i led me to thinking about stuff. Continued to think while i was prasticing piano…ahaha which meant my pieces were good since i was so emotional! . But often i find myself “gong yut […]

Finally found out where i’m staying for the next year. I still haven’t received the paperwork yet *Argh* but i now know from the email that i’m staying in Mews Hall 323A. Dunno if that’s good…cuz originally i was praying for a suite…cuz then i think the toilets will be cleaner than if like 20 ppl share […]

For the first time i’m quite anxious about all this uni stuff. if any of you Cornell people are reading this, leave me a message or add me to msn/icq… /26628048. Really anxious to meet new ppl since i only kno 1 person going to Cornell. Finalised flight is on the 20th of Aug, United […]

blah blah. Feeling white today. changed bg sound to one of mi all time favourites “pianoman”. sorry if its too antique for you la… hehe went to the peak randomly today. Hong Kong is pretty. so much for being inspired nmot to be late. I did leave the house early, but did not anticipate that […]

i’ve always complained how lonely i was because i had no sibling, but now come to think of it its not that bad. At least as an only child, parents can afford to put me through Cornell… and I think that being alone a times is actually quite fun. After my piano lesson i felt […]

HAPPY BDAY EM Y and JAC! ———————— I’ve started 4 books this summer…surprisingly, it was a chinese short story collection that inspired me most. Its called <<¤@­Ó­»´ä¤k«Ä¦b¥v¤¦ºÖªº¤é¤l>> *Hugs*. An impulsive movement, but beautiful. I’ve come to love them recently. hugs can bring two people closer together. Embrace the past. Embrace th future. <<¾Ö©ê¬üÄR¡A¦]¬°¾Ö©ê¨Ï¤H¨­¤ß¬Û«´¡A¥i¥H¾Ö¾Öª¨ª¨¡B©ê©ê¶ý¶ý¡C¾Ö©ê¤£¥u¬O¥~°ê¤Hªº­·«U¡A¥¦¥»¨Ó¬O¤H­ì©lªº½Ä°Ê¡C>> <<¦³¤@¨Ç¤H¡A©M¥L­Ì¬Û³B¡A¦³¤@©wªºÀ£¤O¡A¦]¬°§A­n¤£°±¦a§ä¸ÜÃD¶ñ¥R©¼¦¹¤¤¶¡ªºªÅ¶¡¡F§_«h¥|²´¥æ§ë¡A¦n¥ÍÀª§¼¡C³o¨Ç±¡ªp¡A­n¤£´N¬O¨âªÌ¥»¨Ó¤¬¤£¬Û¤z¡AµL©`­n»E­º¤@°ó¡A¥u¦n§V¤OÁקK”¦ºªÅ®ð”¡F¤]¥i¯à¬O¯«¤k¦³¤ßÁ¸¤ýµL¹Ú¡A¤£§ä¸ÜÃD«K­n©Ó¨üÅ¥¨ì¹ï¤èªí¥Õªº­·ÀI¡A©Ò¥H¹çÄ@ªF©Ô¦è§è¡A¤]¤£Åý¸ÜÃDÄaªÅ¡C ¥t¤@¨Ç¤H¡A«ë¤£¯à¸ò¥L­Ì¤@°_½Í¨ì¤Ñ©ü¦a·t¡A©¼¦¹¶¡¦³»¡¤£ºÉªº¸ÜÃD¡C­n¤£´N¬O¤[§O­«³{¡A­n¤£´N¬O¤@¤Ñ¤£¨£¦p¹j¤T¬î¡C¨Æ±¡µL½×¤j¤p¤]­n¸ò¹ï¤è¤À¨É¡A¹ï¤è¤]¼Ö·N²âÅ¥¡A§â©¼¤èªº¨Æ¤]µø§@¦Û¤wªº¨Æ¡C>> […]

you are…the best friend lover. What Kind Of Lover Are You?brought to you by Quizilla Well i thought it was pretty accurate la. Was planning not to go out today and stay with my dad since i have been going out almost every day and spent minimal time with dad. BUT!. Dad Ditched Me!to eat […]

Wah thanks for the props everyone! and for those who caught the message that i wrote like 5 days ago that i left on for about 6 hours. thank you for propping and caring. *hugz* haha i’m quite tired cuz i was talking on the phone til quite late yesterday (thank god dad didn’t notice, […]

haha went to HKU interview today. Not as good as i hoped cuz the panel was so inchy. I think Mary had a similar experience. Bascially they asked you “Why medicine?” and then they keep challenging you. Hmm… its like now little kids go “Why is the traffic light red?” and you say “because they […]

>Update : Album not empty anymore! I hope! Pls tell me otherwise. So Tired. Trip was fun. Nostalgic now its over and that I’m back in HK, where I am again confronted with dilemmas and other problems. Not happy that the last day of school was yesterday. My grad book and lion is empty. Oh […]