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Felt my previous layout too mellow…felt like a change. Currently not feeling too dreamy. Chose contrasting colours as theme. Plus my favourite orange! Felt like crap yesterday morning, yesterday night and this morning. For numerous reasons. However, I am alright now. Thank god I have an optimistic character! Thanks everyone who cheered me up. Going on […]

second day in a row when I have typed up a long entry and then my comp freezes. Seriously should start deleting files.. Just went on half a propping SpREE! Will continue my other half later. WEnt to stanley today. Just walked about, didn’t do much…but funny thing was vto and emily went shopping…. Two ppl […]

To Amazing Race “Fast and Furious” Team members… Thanks for putting up with me for my crankiness and PMS! Believe me, not normally like that…I think i said the f-word 2-3 times today. Not Not good. broke all time record. I regret… so next time stop me from swearing! So thanks for putting up with my […]

I have realised the vital importance of using sunscreen. I went out today, put sunscreen on my face, and i had extra so i just smeared it on my arms, right…now i just realised i have this very visible white streak. Its the oddest place you can get a tan mark. and its vertical, not […]

haha i did in fact update yesterday but i think i mistakenly pressed the private entry button…hehe… so now i’m going to make it public again. haha So tired today! Shopped for around 7 hours in total…! yes, very scary. Went with joyce and jo to shop for swimsuits and bags… hehe. Though I have […]

haha…FINALLY FINISHED EXAMS! I”M FREEEEEEE! haha this is funn…i’m booked for activities! but i’ll make time for some more! And I can start on my beloved hilary book and harry potter! (which dom and kris already finished? wt!?) today chem exam was not too good…but forget about that la~ went to play pool and arcade […]

 I have a CU med interview on the 27th, same day as Amazing Race (I think?). I didn¡¦t really want to go since I won¡¦t be going to CU, anyway, I would definitely go to the other CU (Cornell University) if it was a choice between these two. But my dad says just practise wor¡Kok¡Kbut […]

My current mood good. hehe. chem 4 + 5 were pretty ok. Not so many calculations…i like! Cuz i always get calculations wrong. Can you believe that there wasn’t even a Born-Haber in paper 4. Ahaha. Bravo!.  plus the calculation that i wasn’t too sure how to do : the pH of the buffer solution…*lol* I guessed […]

My current mood stunned err…just realised my bio 5 exam is tmr 1:15? I always thought it was tuesday…thus i was revising for chem all along… which leaves me exactly 23 hours and 55 minutes to revise.

My current mood alright Bleh. No mood to revise. P5 was fine. I think if i did the same in every maths exam, then getting an A for A-level F. Maths should be ok. Hope so lar. Hell week is coming next. i need major revision for chem, considering my recent scores. What else can i […]