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The Amazing Race. haha. just realise everyone in my team has updated about the team. Lets just say i am more than very happy with it. Kwun Dicky Dom Me I suggest you don’t click on the last link because you won’t get anywhere. anyway… teehee… must “fat fai see lai boon sing!” hohoho. i’ll make […]

insomnia. easily agitated. annoyed. am i menopausal? nooo! I’m only 17!

haha…can you believe that there is a Cornell Class of 2007 Webring – man, i’m not even there yet. i had two dilemmas today. Luckily both seem to be resolved. i’m happy. thank you all those who helped me solve them. Especially dom and liu. thank you so much guys! man i’ve got to be […]

You are Trinity, from “The Matrix.”Strong, beautiful- you epitomize the ultimateheroine. What Matrix Persona Are You?brought to you by Quizilla

 Today is my Six Month Anniversary! Happy Anniversary┬íK     Dear xanga. *hahaha* Hi chocosubmariner! It’s been 180 days since you joined Xanga… won’t you support us by going Premium?  Err….no! On a less happy note… PARIS (Reuters) – Andre Agassi (news) has canceled his French Open (news – web sites) mixed doubles “love match” […]

i will not take that photo off! *muahahaha. fine fine…give me…a week! ho ho ho! hehe well the bio dinner was fun, expensive, but… fun! yes yes i think the drinks (Mr S!) boosted the price up quite a bit. oh well…i scanked money off my parents… Mary and i were in photo frenzy. hehehe. […]

<edit> Finally i’ve updated pictures! I put all the prom ones up. but yahoo only lets you save 90 pics so not all the school ones are there! click here! for ma pics! p.s : I finally fell to the 3rd page of xanga before i updated! major accomplishment! Teeheee….thanks to all the new xangians! *forget about anaphoras, […]

Again, I’m not supposed to be updating but everyone’s posting pics and i want to join in! *grrr…i look kind of ugly tho in some of them. i look so…sleepy. Perhaps I am. Tomorrow I have exam so therotically i don’t have to come to school, and i have 3 frees anyway, but because i […]

Happy Mother’s day! I celebrated mother’s day yesterday, went to Whampoa to eat Shanghai “Xiao Long Bao”. It was sooo yummy! I demonstrated my great skill of not piercing the wrapping around the soup… but kind of failed. I also had very very yummy “green bean dumplings” for dessert. So yummy! It was sticky, kind […]

haha…afterschool social rugby waz sooo fun… P.E. rugby was not fun because of the number of people : for one game there were too many but for two games there were too few people. But afterschool was just right!. Played with the teachers…they were really good!…and they pass the ball to me…and i catch it! *hehe […]