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Argh! Entry gone! This hasn’t happened in a long time! But today the stupid comp FroZe On me! So even though ma message was saved in the “copy” section of my comp’s memory…its All GONE! Well bascially I had a day of mixed emotions. gd feeling 1. Bio 6106 was EASY! Haha hope i don’t […]

Happy Birthday Kris! Yes hope you have a happy day even if you are not so excited about the actual prospect. Dad’s not home (very rare) so I’ve been walking around in heels (get used to them mar! ) Here i’m talking to Emily Y on the phone. Hope all da prom tables work ouT! […]

rilly this picture. Gonna 2 so miss PVK. Nostalgia Phase III

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Went to see a dermatologist today. Because i have this big red rash at the side of my neck. Well its been there for some time, but i thought it would go away but its been there for like 2months now. and there there are these spots near it too. I thought they were pimples […]

<edit> Happy Birthday Matthew! (shhh I forgot I always thought it was the 24th¡Kso it¡¦s a bit late.  sorry ar…) Damn why am I forgetting everyone¡¦s b-days? Hmmm¡Knot gd not gd. At least this entry is still dated 21st Better late than never! <end of edit> I took the fruity fruit quizmade by rav-chanCheck out […]

Happy Birthday Wincey !! if you haven’t already and you want to leave a message on the b-day page, you can leave it in my xanga comment box and I’ll post it up for you. Otherwise, email it to me! or just comment on wincey’s xanga! Click here to visit the bday page! Yesh i […]

<edit> thank you fi for looking at my html and making me such a nice border! and the profile pic and the blurry banner! I had soooo much junk in there  (the html!) it was definately a pain to look at! thank you thank you! thank you  X million!  *hugz* thank you fifi jeh jeh! […]

*bounce *bounce how interesting eh?

Observations of today. ICQ 2003a is the same as ICQ 2002b Euclid was neither hard nor easy. i feel faint if i play online games for too long. Sorry guys my entry today is not interesting. Will try harder tmr. Poll: Do you use MSN or ICQ more? Seems to me that our ICq community […]