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i got accepted into the University of Chicago! Haha haha haha!   Too happy to speak. They sent me the biggest box of stuff in a UPS thing…I was so surprised since I didn’t order any books from amazon. But it was my admissions package! Lalala no worries now. my big box.

Orienteering Check Kris Li’s hp for photos and a more funny account. haha. cracked up so badly. Yes…and about orienteering yesterday. Hehe. I mucked up…got DQed because I took 3 hours when the time limit was 2.5 mours. Got very bruised. PKed like 6 times while bushbashing. Spent 1.5 hours bushbashing on my own, […]

Cornell is so mucked up I swear. Look what I got in my email. Missing records from your Cornell application  Dear Kay: Our selection committees are currently reviewing completed transfer applications for admission to Cornell for Fall 2003. We would like to send your application to committee for review, but we are missing important application materials. […]

good lord.. it’s official Tung Chi Wah just said no skool starting Saturday…hmm…dunno if that’s good or bad… heard that Emily and Matthew booked like 3 badminton courts… and probably no one is going to go if there is no school. And the rolling stones concert is cancelled – not that it is any relevance […]

Yesssssssssssss! haha. Now who said nicole probably won’t get the award? ~wanchai??? Hehe not bad – in the “predict the winners” game i got all of the acting prizes anre the best movie right. Best movie – Chicago Best Actor – Adrian Brody – The PianistBest Actress – Nicole Kidman – The Hours Best Actor […]

haven’t updated for 4 days. Not bad not bad Only i haven’t done much revision either. P6 test on wednesday! I have the biggest cold. Don’t ever remember getting this bad a cold b4. I’m literally on my 5th pack of tissues since 11:30 last night – during the night i wrapped 2 packs of […]

oh forget about my 2 entries a week pledge. Never good at keeping those anyway. I will promise to spend less time on xanga overall. Yes. That one i will keep. Today i forgot to wear casual to school so it was pretty “yu”. but mrs. rowark was really nice! She actually let me go […]

Chris Patten elected next Chancellor of the University of Oxford Chris Patten was an undergraduate at Balliol College, where he is now an Honorary Fellow. The first preference votes were: Lord Bingham of Cornhill – 2251Lord Neill of Bladen – 1290Mr Chris Patten – 3657Ms Sandi Toksvig – 1179 *damn i like chris patten. too […]

Dear Kay: It is our great pleasure to offer you admission to the Fall Quarter 2003 freshman class at UCLA. Yay! At least i can go somewhere in the US if i really want to! And if i don’t get BBC for Kings… i can always go to UCLA! Hehe. *I will be so dead […]

My jan exams were real crap. Everyone’s been posting to say they won’t be updating anymore. Well i guess i won’t do that… but i will limit my entries to 2 a week. because with xanga i spend hours changing song/layout/propping/checkin props. *sigh. ok yesterday i did a lot of hw. so that’s gd. oh […]