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<edit> Short entry so I decided to put it with the previous one instead of starting a new one. ¥|°A¸z¯»¨«ªo¨«ªÛ³Â¦æµó! ¤H¶¡¬ü¨ý! I like… ————————————————— Parrallel lives *sigh…today is not as happy as my previous two days… but nonetheless…it was ok. Maths was too funny “(Kerry:” It was you.!”) Daniel: (Really?) ROTHLMHO! literally i had tears […]

Wooh! haha. i finished my pure again! this time it’s not like yesterday cuz i actually completed it without any gaps! I could do them all! hehe. well i guess its not that hard this time but hehe. P6 wor… today was quite a good day. eden assembly was ok. the powerpoint was better than […]

Haha…this must be a milestone in history…I actually finished my pure homework. Spent lunchtime watching ppl play chinese chess… i couldn’t see any moves… err… ie I’m too crap so I decided to go home to “challenge” my dad (ie get hime to teach me a few tricks, at least so I can see some […]

*tell ****** Yale and Penn to give me an interview! I’m tired of having to phone…(I hate calling strangers!) and I’m tired of getting an answer from the stupid answering machine. Why am I the only one that has to endure this? *ARGH! *plz…whoever’s out there…admissions officer… god… jesus… devil… buddha… muhammad ali… arnold swazenagger… andre […]

*ladies and gentlemen…my all time fav song. ~lonestar – what about now. I put this song up cuz its one of my three all time favourite songs: 1. Lonestar: What about now2. Blake Shelton: Austin3. Celine Dion: Because you loved me. (I cried so many times listening to that song cuz the movie is soooo […]

Today was quite fun. Well I had a few frees, boring biology and captivating chemistry. (well not really, but I’m trying to think up a “c” adjective. Prop me with better suggestions! ) Anywayz, P.E. was fun, though we played B-ball and I can’t play that for my life…and we lost our volleyball game. The […]

Never under estimate the amount of pleasure sleep can give you. It is one of the best things one can do. Only because we do it too much, we don’t appreciate it anymore and we do other things instead. But the more we do other things, the more pleasurable sleep is. Its all a cycle.

*As promised…new colour scheme after V-day. It was going to be blue…but i did that quiz which said I was yellow so i did yellow. Can anyone tell me if my scrollbar is orange? Cuz on my computer it doesn’t display scrollbar colours but I know some ppl used to see a pink scrollbar on […]

I have discovered the extreme fun of making gif files. I never knew that I had Animation Shop 3 and I never knew that it could be used to make gif files. Note my change in profile pics.