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Me soo happy today. Played great tennis with my coach. Hohoho. I’m improving. Watch out bronson I’m going to try to block some of those fast balls of yours on friday. Officially 2 hours and 3 minutes to Chinese New Year. Happy New Year of the sheep everyone! I’m stuck going to visit relatives for […]

Hehe quite a good day today. It was a bit nostalgic at times though. Mr. Slater’s last day and he was singing “Your Song” with changed lyrics. Although I couldn’t understand half of what he was singing it was touching all the same. I dunno what got onto me but I kind of started to […]

Hmm…haven’t updated for quite a long time. But then people don’t really want to read about my boring life la. Basically I’ve been “relaxing” these few days. Already in Holiday mood! Went to watch LOTR yesterday…wasn’t bad, but wasn’t exceptional or whatever. Not my fav type of movie. Today we went to see the human […]

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” -Andre Agassi

I was quite lucky in the chem exam. Had it not been philip asking vto about the Kc stuff I would not have known that there were 0.2 mols and 0.1 mols on SO2 and O2 given that there was 1.8 mols SO3. Plus I would not have known water reacts with Grignards to form […]

I love the Australian Open. Now that Hewitts gone, Agassi….you HAVE to win the Grand Slam otherwise my sacrifises *Ahem* in screwing up my P4 + my 10 hours on weekends spent watching tennis would be not worth it. (Well…I didn’t really screw up that that badly, but Agassi has to win) When Agassi retires […]

Nicole Kidman!!!!! Nicole Kidman!!!!! Nicole Kidman!!!!! Lalalalalalala—– Andre Agassi!!!!! Andre Agassi!!!!! Andre Agassi!!!!! Lalalalalalala—– I want star world I want to watch the golden globes urgh. Damn I’m so excited I can’t even revise properly for P4

So I decided to delete the shocking post…I dunno why…too much contemplating. Well to those four ppl who saw it…(maybe more), hmmm…well done I guess? You’ve managed to see a weird side of me. 4 comments in an hour…by the end of the day I’ll get 12. Hmmm…butanywayz, deleted the post so my dad can’t […]

Wah…I’m so tired…despite sleeping at 11 last night. I’m really fed up with going to school and doing nothing at all, I’d rather stay at home. Anyhow, I went to EDEN this afternoon and guess what we did? Wash ROCKS! Hmm…yes, a rather pointless job which requires extreme skill and effort. First, you must not […]

HAha…today was quite a fun day, despite the Chem Lab day. The lab day was quite easy, I’m pretty sure I got 14/15 in the titration one so that’s really good since last year I only got like 11. I remembered my mistakes from last year and was really careful not to do the same […]