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Welcome 2003! Happy New Year! *Haha Andy Hui won the “my favourite male singer” award at 903. Soo soo soo happi for him! So even though sammi’s not going and probably not getting any awards I still have sb to cheer for. Haha apologies for the random pic…was trying to find a pic of the […]

Hmph. As expected. Rejected from Oxford. Just like my dream. For those who don’t know about my dream, it involved getting a christmas card at school that was from Oxford. If you were rejected, you would get a “Merry Christmas” and if you were accepted, then it saids “Congrats on your offer”. I got a […]

I think my premium is going to run out these few days…I’m striving to understand the html properly so I can maintain a good-looking blog after the premium runs out (Yes Daniel, I got 1 month premium so I didn’t do much to make it look that way). Maybe this will be the last blog […]

Damn X 100. I forgot to give in the “Mid Year Report” form for Yale! Damn it I am so so screwed. At least its for postmark Feb 15 but what if Mr. R doesn’t do it for me! Sigh why was I so careless! Sigh why did I procrastinate? Sigh why didn’t I check […]

Today’s going to be a photo edition – ^_^ Lotz of photos coming up! Well the panto was ok I guess – the main plot was a bit messed up due to the immense cutting of lines (was too long). But everything else went fine. Our parapara Afterwards went home with miss B and took […]

Haha Ng Peer Support Pic. The ugly whit ghost like figure…would be me, yes. Zoom in… Retarded V.To ..

Yesterday was the Carol Concert! Wanchai came to watch! She’s so pretty now ~ Long hair, contacts, highlights…hmmm…people change so much over so little time. Hehe if my hair grows long enough I’m going to perm it and highlight it for the prom. Wonder how I would look like? Well Wincey bought me my first […]

After watching Titanic again yesterday I re-realised that it is such a good movie. I think a few years ago it was too cliched that noone wanted to watch it again. Now, after watching it for my second time, I’ve realised that it is really a true epic. Greatest love story of all time. I was […]

Well, today was quite uneventful. I’m taking a break from writing my “dilemma” chicago essay. In da red cross course I sat next to this talkative bad breath guy (I know him) and he kept talking to me and I kept trying to look away but nonetheless breathed in quite a lot of bad breath. […]

Hello! Haven’t written in quite along time. (In my standards) Neways, just rediscovered how good Lifesavers were! =) Yum yum yum. Finished da whole roll miself. Life through a lifesaver? Yupyup. So I need a lifesaver to save me. I’m drowing with everything. Bio, tests, mock, panto, maths!!!!, Uni Apps!!! Yeh. I want to sleep […]