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Haha! Finally Finished UC APP! Yippee! Sent it online at 12:33 last night….but I think I put the wrong date. After 12 it is technically saturday! But on the “Date now” column I put the 29th of November! Er…oh well. Nm. And my personal statement, I hope that it is under 2 sides! It would […]

Haha nothing v. interesting in my blog today. Keep it short. Well it was quite a good day. The lessons were boring, but Mrs. Hartwright was not cranky today, plus I had my first “good hair day” for a long time =p! But the piano and the apps are still stressing me out more than ever. […]

~~Itz SOOOOOO COLD !!!~~ Brrrrrrrr….. Still Up doing my UC essay. Trying to make it more figurative and more eye catching and use of more metaphors and literary devices. So dead for Bio! Think I;m gonna hafta sleep at two tonight.

I dunno why, but I’m feeling bouncy today. But Mrs. Hartwright seemed kind of cranky today. Scolding ppl for no reason! Luckily she didn’t find out that I didn’t do my hw otherwise I would be pretty messed up. Was kind of mo liu after school so I decided to see if I could take a […]

Haha! Got Eunices’ B-day card! So pretty! She so modest, she apologied because she thought it was ugly! What the? So pretty! Eunice you are a bril cartoonist and thanks for spending time to draw me a card! So much “xinyi” *muah* ^_^ Thanks so much! What do you think? Is the girl in the […]

In break! I still feel faint from not eating breakfast. Dunno why, not normally like this. I’m tried of these ugly colours! I want premium! Ekk! So much to do. C2 and T2 for Bio, UC essay still to be completed. Did hw til 12 last night and then I forgot to bring it so […]

Smile! I forgot to talk about Saturday’s Drill Exam! Stood there for 4 hours! You have to keep your shoulders straight, arms straight, legs straight…so bloody tiring! Anyway, in the end I passed but not everyone in the squad was so lucky. Alice was the most “ng daie” because she failed cuz of her uniform cuz […]

Seems like everyone has one of these Xanga things nowadayz… probably cuz the other one needs a referance and stuff. Oh well, I’m always the last to know. Last to get hotmail, last to get Icq, (well, maybe before bronson…) last to get msn. Anyway so now I got it. Should I repost all my […]