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Grey’s Anatomy

Watched my first ever episode of Grey’s Anatomy because Kim Raver got cast in it. Previously, the idea of betraying my beloved ER was too much to handle. But now that ER is over and I’ve since gotten over the crazy-over-ER adolescent phase in my life, I opened up myself to accept this heavily hyped […]


小鳳仙與殷賞都是近來難得的好角色。有時,真希望角色永遠不會完結,跟着她們的一生,多加了解! 蔡鍔與小鳳仙 歷史版亂世佳人? 歷史,民初背景,通常都是悶極的配搭。但蔡鍔與小鳳仙令我改觀了。它加入了現代戀愛的原素,令經典歷史故事變得摩登,有睇頭,感動! 最愛小鳳仙的善良,楚楚可憐,無私的犧牲。在這大時代那無奈的感情,給周海媚劉松人兩位好戲之人演活起來。難得一見令人拍案叫絕的演技對決!

 畢打自己人 至於賞賞跟社長似是而非的曖昧,又有另外兩為好演員演活了!它們的眉來眼去,一個眼神等同千言萬語。哦!賞賞你最終情歸何處?但願是一個沒有隱憂的余家昇吧!

Lipstick Jungle

  Haven’t been this affected by a TV show in a long time. Ya, the series is over now, and I only began to watch it about a week ago.  I don’t even remember why I began to watch it; maybe it was briefly mentioned in a cosmo article or the sorts. Back in 2007, […]

CNN Controversy 做人不能太CNN

Those who know my lifestyle in the US, will know that I watch CNN religiously. CNN from early days I regarded as the most professional TV news channel in the world (though now I think this spot belongs to BBC, because CNN is too focused on AMERICA, they didn’t even report on the China Snowstorm […]


So happy to see Sammi regularly back in the public. Gives me something to look forward to on TV! (Ahh Esther hurry up and go back to your sitcom the episodes are mostly very mo liu without you!) Very refreshing to see Sammi host the Hong Kong Film Awards, and to see her on TVB […]

Oscars 2008

Taking advantage of the 30 dollar/movie deal at the cinema downstairs, I finally finished watching all 5 best picture nominees! This is the first year where I’ve actually seen all the nominees. I gotta say, the front runners were a little boring. I wonder if I will ever understand the “art” in say a movie […]