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Mooncake time again!

Anyone who knows me knows I love mooncake. Traditional mooncakes especially, but in recent years I have been diverging to try “weirder” mooncakes – snowy, custard.. all really good! But this flavor is a bit too much for me… 冰皮迷你馬來咖喱綠荳蓉月餅 原價: $45 門市優惠價: $29.5 Curry in my mooncake? No thanks… O.o

Manhattan Restaurant Review

On my recent trip to the States, I spent the last 2 (too short) days in the Big Apple; where I had the chance to experience some city life – -shopped at my fav Micheals and Old Navy and forever 21 (hey, they dont have in HK><), reunited with some dear friends, took a first […]

Cadbury Mini Eggs

=) Thx mingming and bak mo for bringing my Cadbury Minieggs from US! Its the best easter present, ^_^. But I just realised, these US Cadbury minieggs are produced by Hershey in PA! The dark chocolate is too sweet, i think the milk choco ones are better =)