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Ms. Lea Salonga

Ever since becoming Mom to Hazel, I have had less time to surf random sites and mainly get my information from facebook feeds. Which is a pity as more and more posts on facebook are commercials. But this weekend I saw from Henry’s facebook that he had just seen Lea Salonga in Concert with the […]

And thus the end of my London/Europe adventure

10 cool things I did: 1. Took every underground/overground line on the central London tube map including the emirates air line, DLR and Waterloo and City Line 2. London pass whirlwind London tour! 3 days of attractions worth 170 pounds individually! Including a evensong service at the St.Paul’s cathedral at the first day of advent. […]

London is awesome!

During the past week I allocated some time to really tour London. This involves waking up at 8 (a miracle considering that it is SOOO COLDD and that I didn’t have class or any true responsibilities to get me to get out of bed) and making the most of my London Pass, a card that you […]

You Learn Something New Everyday…

…with Google Doodles! I love how google takes the effort to pay tribute to the society. Some of the doodles are so exquistly made! Which prompts me to click on it. Sometimes I don’t much about the subject of the doodle but after clicking on the banner and reading the wiki, !Viola! my general knowledge […]

Weight Loss – ing

One of the better things that spanned from the Sammi/Andy reunite (apart from my being estactically happy for a whole week) is my exercise habits. It stemmed from me wanting to “release” that estactic energy so I began going to run downstairs while listening to their sweet sweet songs. So far this running pattern has […]

H&M X Lanvin

I considered going to line up at 4 for the leopard pumps and zebra trench, which were really looking quite hot from various haul photos… but discarded the idea after seeing these photos circa 11pm Nov 22nd @ Elements H&M… @ the 50-60 odd ah suk ah sums in Queue. I wonder how much is […]

Career training

So the four consequetive days of training has finally come to an end. The past few days of training has really been quite tiring. Waking up at 730 to eat breakfast, then training from 830 to 600. But overall it is a fruitful experience. A good training requires an experienced trainer or facilitator. I think […]


Elements 的名店開得越來越多… 但也代表着一衆比較小的品牌[冇得留低] So sad! Out: Calvinklein, Annasui, Osim Chairspa, Aigner, Victorinox, Lanvin, Lancel (pity I quite like the lancel bags) Luella, Biotherm, Stage( this one I will really miss!), Diesel, Lucky brand jeans … Many more I missed, but these are the ones I remember. In: Burberry, Miumiu, Rolex, Ysl, Carshoe (is this like […]

TOTD – Aug 12, 2012

今天在人來人往的地鐵隧道裡,緩緩慢步,突然,走在我前面的人,打了個大噴嚏,一剎那後,我就FEEL到我的腳有一點溼氣。EWW。 立刻閉氣。 香港真是人多得很.


快樂究竟是什麼?人生經驗尚淺,還未嘗過一些傳統令人快樂的經歷(如:生兒育女),但快樂一定不是會自己找你的,而是要自己爭取的。 我說的爭取,不是要COMPETE,只是要平衡心理。 適當的競爭是好的,會使人進步,有衝勁去提升自己。但千萬別處處與人比較,因每人做有自己的優良地方。金錢更加不是應比較的地方。打個比喻,我永遠也不會給蓋茨般有錢了,那豈不是我永也不會快樂? 所以,快樂就是心景開朗–那一定是自己爭取回來的。