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Review: 奶泵

手動定電動? 其實取決於你有多少堅持直從接乳房餵。如果您打算九成時間親養咁就平平哋買個手動或單邊電動都OK。但如果你想泵多D出來有人幫手餵下BB咁我覺得應該買一個好嘅雙電泵。會慳好多時間同埋令泵奶冇咁厭惡性。 電泵有平有貴. 取決於佢摩打嘅吸力同頻率. “醫院等級”有較高的吸力,但大同重兼好鬼貴。養和嗰部Medela Symphony如果自己買要15000+,租都要2500一個月, 所以生完應該去試試! 自己買當然唔使買咁貴,大多數人使用便攜式的貪佢攞出街都方便D。“Medela Freestyle”是最常見的牌子,水貨大約3K. 行貨好像5K. 我自己有呢嗰,好處係舒服(有按摩MODE)同舊電可以LAST好耐。其他常見有 Philips Avent Double Electric Pump。佢平D同出名舒服但要插電無得攞來攞去。行貨好像3K, 美國買200USD 另外好多香港媽媽都會用一個叫SPECTRA嘅韓國牌子。最常見的MODEL有9+(好似FREESTYLE咁便攜式) 或S1+/S2+ (大舊D, 但屬於“醫院等級” 所以可以更短的時間泵完) 。我自己有9+,覺得泵得比Medela Freestyle快, 但冇咁舒服同埋舊電泵3-4次就要叉。同埋上網睇較多人話會壞機,不過我嗰個用咗5MONTHS好彩運作良好。最好嘅就係價錢: 9+大約1.1K, S1+大約1.6K, 比Medela/Philips 同級平好多。如果我要再買,我應該會買一部S2喺屋企用。 You can buy this brand on a shop called Baby Boss Outlet.

Perfect Wedding Song

This recently came up in my playlist… haven’t heard this song for quite some years (maybe 5? The last time I remember listening to it was at Soul2Soul tour in Rochester)  But listening to it made me think… this is such a perfect wedding song…

Long line at starbuck


Went on an impulsive trip to Taiwan. Not much to do in Taiwan except eat! So here are a few snaps of foodie delights… To clarify, I did not have the big chunk of stuff in the middle of the first picture – can you guess what it is? Its Pigs Blood with sticky rice […]




Feels like…

Today is one of those gloomy days where its only 6 but it feels like its 9. Means the feeling that the day is about to end is longer than it should be. Temperature is tinted with a hint of autumn breeze, but yet combined with the lingering summer rain. Not a perfect picture. That […]


*Must* make it to Europe next year. Got this strong urge/craving to to to this seemingly romantic part of the world to visit some dear old friends.

I like this article… i think its romantic… ><

Copied from facebook =P Barack and Michelle: a Chicago love story Barack Obama has dazzled with soaring rhetoric, bold policies and the energy of youth – but his public displays of affection for Michelle and his children have touched millions in more emotional ways. Now the First Couple look set to become the most romantic […]

I’ve always associated myself with more of a lefty than a righty. I am not too sure why – perhaps because my dad was always passionate about democracy, always voted for the “民主派”. – Or perhaps its the innate jealously of the wealthy, and the secret desire to make them suffer and pay more taxes, […]